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With a subscription to the Wall Street Journal Wine Club, you will receive 12 bottles of the highest quality wines to your doorstep every 3 months.  But, as a special introductory offer from WineClubsForYou, for your first purchase you’ll receive an extra 3 FREE bottles, totaling 15 bottles of wine for just $69.99!

There’s a reason we ranked the WSJ Wine Discovery Club 5 out of 5 stars.  First and foremost, the wine itself.  15 bottles is a lot of wine to commit to on your first purchase.  So, they give you the option of 15 bottles of red, 15 bottles of white, or a mixed box (8 red, 7 white).  More importantly, the quality of the wine is exceptional.  In your first shipment you will enjoy gold-medal Bordeaux, medal-winning Argentine Malbec, top-vintage California Pinot Noir and much more.  Actually, WSJ Wine was nice enough to show you exactly which bottles you’ll receive with your first shipment, based on which option you choose.  The customization, transparency, and quality of the WSJ Wine Discovery Club is definitely top of the line.

Next, the price.  You might think that 15 high quality wines would break the bank, but when you join the club, you’ll save $170 on your first purchase.  That means your first shipment will only cost you $69.99!  This special offer will put 15 exceptional wines on your table for only $4.67 a bottle! 

Crazy, right?  But the reason WSJ Wine is willing to drop the price so drastically is because they’re confident you’ll love their wines and will come back for more.  As a matter of fact, there’s a 100% Money-Back Guarantee – if you ever encounter a bottle that you don’t like, let them know and they’ll reimburse you.

Finally, the Free Gift is just perfect.  Of course I mean the other free gift, aside from the 3 free bottles!  For someone on the fence about joining a wine club, WSJ Wine does a great job of providing you with all the tools you’d need to feel comfortable taking the next step.  Specifically, each wine comes with a detailed write-up, providing you with background information, while also sharing advice and food pairing tips – helping you get the most use and enjoyment out of each and every wine.

Visit their site and get Subscribe Today!


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